Addressing Racism at the root of racial imbalance in child welfare

“Race Equity, Accountability and Leadership”: A Call to the Governor to Establish a REAL Council within the State Division of Human Rights as an external accountabilty partner to the institutions responsible for achieving racial balance!

What does racial disproportionality in the child welfare system look like?

In the NYS Child Welfare System:

  1. 2 black children and 1.5 Latino children are reported to the SCR for each white child reported;
  2. 2.5 black children and 1.9 Latino children are indicated for each white child indicated;
  3. 5.3 black children and 2.3 Latino children enter care for each white child entering care;
  4. 6.6 black children and 2.8 Latino children are in care for each white child in care;
  5. despite no greater incidence of maltreatment.
Race/Ethnicityi: NYS population Youth in foster care
African American 17% 47.2%
Latino 16.8% 20.5%
White 73.4% 18.5%
Asian 7.1% 0.5%
Native American 0.7% 0.2%
http://www.antiracistalliance.com/PolicyActionstoReduceRacialDisproportionalityandDisparitiesinChildWelfare.pdf http://www.antiracistalliance.com/PolicyActionstoReduceRacialDisproportionalityandDisparitiesinChildWelfare.pdf http://www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/issue_briefs/racial_disproportionality/racial_disproportionality.pdf http://www.ocfs.state.ny.us/main/fostercare/stats2009.asp http://www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/issue_briefs/racial_disproportionality/racial_disproportionality.pdf


Establish  Race Equity, Accountability and Leadership

Hallmark of a REAL Bill

  1. External Accountability Partner – common in finances with the hire of external audits to ensure the data is align with basic accounting principles
  2. Formation of that external council guided by the principle of proportionate representation that reflect child welfare outcomes. Further Accountability by including three parent advocates from the community
  3. A uniform and consistent antiracism training across the system to achieve race and culture competence at all points of entry within the CW system. (We are recommending The People’s Institute for specific reasons- 35 years of developing a consistent and clear analysis, ability to train large systems like the states of Texas, Alaska, MI, IOWA, CT & LA county)
  4. Data driven outcomes to measure movement towards racial equity.

Monthly reports for all points of entry to measure movement.

How can you help support the REAL bill?

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